Sunday, July 22, 2012

My reading list lately...

has mostly focused around my friends' books. I gave a blurb for A Film About Billy, the first book from my Cyberpunk Apocalypse brother Dan McCloskey. Well done, Dan, and it was great to finally read a full manuscript of the book after seeing previous drafts. Not like he really needs my commendations, what with this $8000 Heinz grant he just got. Read this article. Cyberpunk Apocalypse is taking over the world.

I have some car repair bills I'd like to ask Dan's help on. Favorite parts of the article: Dan admitting he owns multiple pieces of real estate yet never showers, and the Post-Gazette's complete fuck-up on Artnoose's age.

Just finished reading Once Upon a Body, Christine's end of the double book. Really trippy magical realism. Often disturbing. And, some great news: my editor says he found a printer in Pittsburgh who can possibly do the upside-down text. This is huge. We'll be soon entering the design end of this, so I need to hook up with a cover artist stat. If you know of anyone good, let me know.

A goal for next week, other than not keeling over dead from my stressful ESL job: read another friend's book! It never ends! Thankfully, it's such a pleasure.