Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 4: In which I discuss truly sad shit

Crowd of white people holds an anti-Muslim rally at Ground Zero and goes after a black non-Muslim. I hope I am not alone in my disgust. This is Birmingham '65 kind of shit.

The interesting thing is that the desire to build a mosque at Ground Zero stems from bullshit. The plans for this have been around since Bush was president. After 9/11, Bush made a big deal about how we were not waging war on all Muslims. Then he attacked Iraq, using a bombing done by Saudis as the justification. But we have Muslim allies! And we're going to war to free Muslim people. Even those who supported the war never cared about that line, but that's how the PR went. Ever since World War II, America has tried to frame its wars in altruistic terms, so that we seem like heroes and not another marauding empire trying to grab more resources. We went into Korea and Vietnam to "liberate" Good Asians from Bad Asians. Now we wage war in the name of cooperating with Islam. In this stew of BS, building a mosque at Ground Zero to symbolize interfaith cooperation seemed a great idea.

Bush is out of office, we're a decade deep into both wars, and the veneer has cracked completely. The truth lies in the naked hatred of the people at this rally. Even after the black man says I'm not Muslim (which should have been the end of it), they continue to heckle him and call him a coward. One bully actually gets in his face like he's going to get physical. The fact that the man kept his cool in the midst of this hate rally is really admirable. My favorite line was when the organizer told the hard hat-wearing jerkoff to back off so the media can't portray them as white racists. Yes, its the media's fault. Man, just stop being a white racist. Forty years ago, the people at that rally would have lynched the black man.

The most depressing part is that, at this point, I find their blatant hatred refreshing. Enough with the lies.

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