Friday, January 21, 2011

It is finished

I've held it in my hand, and it's gorgeous.

Thanks to the Mike Madden writing group in Washington DC, for their invaluable critique on most of these stories.

The TerPoets open mic in College Park, MD, for community, for helping me develop my voice and giving me my first featured reading. It was at TerPoets where most of these stories were read for the first time. Special thanks go to my friend Henry Mills, who was always behind me.

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers' co-op in Pittsburgh, PA, for community and unique perspectives on these stories as I developed them.

The Berkeley Writers Circle in Berkeley, CA, for their help guiding me through the arduous revision process.

Six Gallery Press, for their belief in my writing. Particular thanks goes to Nathan for his tireless work on the second edition.

Rachel Dorrett, the illustrator, for her professionalism.

Dan McCloskey, cover artist and wingman, for his imagination.

Everyone who hosted me or came to see me read on tour.

All of my friends who were excited when I told them I wanted to write fantasy. You were instrumental in getting this book off the ground. Thank you all so much.

And to all those who inspired me to write in this genre, who let me know you could let your imagination run free and still say something that is true.
Now it's time to celebrate. The launch party is on January 22nd at The Layover, in Oakland, CA. See you there.

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