Thursday, March 10, 2011

My FOGcon schedule

Connin' it up, big-time.

Friday, 9:30pm

How to Destroy Your City and Enjoy the Wreckage 

Redwood Room

The ruins of Southern California in Tim Powers’ Dinner at Deviant’s Palace; the artistic mutations of San Francisco in Pat Murphy’s The City, Not Long After — what fun can we have with the wreckage of a city? What is left over after the apocalypse, and what begins after it? Consider the ruined city months, years, centuries later: What threats and promises will the crumbling metropolis of the past offer to the survivors?
M: Madeleine Robins, Pat Murphy, Jeff VanderMeer, Gary Kloster , Elwin Cotman

Saturday, 9:00am


Washington Room

Elwin Cotman / Daniel Marcus

Sunday, 1:30pm

We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This

California Room

Maybe we don’t come in peace. And you don’t want us to take you to our leader. How else might first contact happen? Give examples of how writers have thought outside the norm (District 9, for example) and talk about first contact ideas you’d like to see portrayed.
M: Ian K. Hagemann, Marty Halpern, Elwin Cotman, Stef Maruch 

The reading (aka the most important part, at least for me) is at an admittedly crappy time. I couldn't have gotten a worse one. Aw, well. Lemons and lemonade. I am guaranteeing to wake up whoever comes for this early event.

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