Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chapter 64: In Which I Mention the Next Reading

So what have I been up to? Wrote a five-page paper about images of Islam in America on Monday. Taught a lesson for my multicultural YA lit class on Tuesday. Workshopped novel exerpts on Wednesday. Did about ten English tutorials with undergrads and sat in on two of their classes for my TAship. Worked on my novel. Did some writing for the next "Obscure Fantasy" post. Looking for a new place to live. What does this mean, other than the usual no blog update?

I am straight up missing this year's Litquake. Karen Joy Fowler did a talk on Sunday. Missed it. Karen Russell? Missed her. The way things are looking now, the only Litquake reading I'll make it to is my own.

Despite my calm, reserved demeanor, I am so excited to be participating in this year's Litcrawl. I was invited to do the Carl Brandon reading after the organizer saw me read at IWL. The lineup looks out of this world.

The other readers seem to be doing multimedia/performance based speculative work, which is the kind of stuff I'd like to do, and would have done if I had the time to put something together. This time around I'm resorting to good old-fashioned oratory. I had a lot of ideas for this reading, all of which I'll push back to next summer's tour. Will it still be fun? You bet your ass.

Some friends of mine from IWL will also be reading. Here's the skinny on it:

I make no bones that I think Litquake is the bee's knees. It only takes place in SF, NYC and Austin (the San Francisco of Texas), but I think every city should have a multidiciplinary week-long literary festival. Litcrawl is a blast. There will always be drunks wandering around Valencia Street on Saturday. But this time they're going to readings! Crowded readings that people actually attend! Oh my God!

I'll have the next "Obscure Fantasy" posted by Sunday. It's about one of my new favorite movies. see you then.

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