Saturday, February 25, 2012

Condor 2012 schedule


Friday, March 2nd

5 PM
Garden Ballroom I
Extemporaneous Story Telling: Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory  - Elwin Cotman, Judy Lazar, Dani Kollin, Eytan Kollin, Lowell Cunningham

Our panelists take elements from the audience and tell the conspiracies that interconnect them.  Gradually they interweave these elements into a theory that explains EVERYTHING.

Saturday, March 3rd

5 PM
Garden Ballroom I
Who wants to live forever? How immortality changes . . . everything - William Stoddard, Elwin Cotman, Christopher Farnsworth, Kevin Gerard, Edward M. Erdelac.

Sunday March 4th

10 AM
Reading - Elwin Cotman.

12 PM
Garden Ballroom I
The Christian Apocalypse in Literature and the Media - Chris Weber, Ron Oakes, Jean Graham, Elwin Cotman, Lynn Maudlin.

1 PM
Dealers Room
Autographs: Kevin Grazier, Elwin Cotman.

Looks like Sunday is my busy day. In related news, gas in California is goddamn expensive.

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