Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baycon and Fanime schedules

RIP Donna Summer. A truly classic chanteuse. Listening to "This Could Be Magic" for the millionth time as I write this.

This Memorial Day weekend I'm a busy beaver. Doing Fanime and Baycon. I am going to be in geek heaven.

Friday May 25, 1pm-2pm--Leiji Matsumoto's Futuristic Myth (Fanime)
After six decades mangaka Leiji Matsumoto, creator of Captain Harlock, is more popular than ever. Through blending of genres, from the fairy tale to space opera, Matsumoto has created his own mythology. In this panel we will discuss the "Leijiverse" as modern myth.

Friday, May 25, 4pm-5:30pm--Urban Fantasy reading (w/Pat MacEwen) (Baycon)

Saturday, May 26, 4:00pm-5:30pm--Hugo Nominees Discussed (w/Christopher J Garcia, Kevin Standlee, Deirdre Saoirse Moen) (Baycon)
WorldCon 2012 is fast approaching, and every year the highlight is the Hugo Awards.  Our panel of past and present Hugo voters will discuss the nominees.  Who do you think should win?  Who do you think will win?

Saturday, May 26, 5:30pm-7pm--Once Upon a Time, Brothers Grimm, Fables, and Other Looks at the Modern Fairy Tale (w/a whole slew of other writers) (Baycon)

These are not your grandmother's fairy tales or even your mother's. They show the story behind the story and more. Explore the new look at Fairy Tales in the Modern Age.

Sunday, May 27, 4:00pm-5:30pm--Fantasy reading (w/Leslie Ann Moore) (Baycon)

Sunday, May 27, 11pm-midnight--Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Fanime)
Few animators have left their mark as much as Yoshiaki Kawajiri. From urban fantasy to the Gothic to cyberpunk, Kawajiri has pushed the limits of horror in the same way as Cronenberg and Carpenter. We will discuss and celebrate the dark visions of this legendary director.

I am excited for Fanime specifically because this is my first time putting together my own panels about these artists I admire. I've been reading old school science fiction lately, and in terms of concepts and imagination, Matsumoto is right up there with contemporaries like Poul Anderson and Delaney. I hope I do his work some measure of justice.

To prepare for my Hugo nominees panel, I did some reading in Berkeley today. Read a few pages of Jo Walton's Among Others, reread some of A Dance With Dragons. I'm pretty sure the copy of ADWD I was reading at Books Inc. was the same one I sold to them for 8 bucks a few months ago. Five minutes after I put it back on the shelf, a girl came charging up to the fantasy section with her two friends.

GIRL: They have it! (looks at price) It's only 18 dollars!
FRIEND: Get it.
GIRL: Yay! Now I can finish A Feast For Crows!

Made extra cool by the fact that I, in a roundabout way, provided her with the discounted copy. At least I like to think I so. I also appreciated how messed up the book jacket was from being thumbed so much.

Gotta agree with Jo Walton. Books are, indeed, magic.

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  1. What a lineup! That Jo Walton book sounded awesome...