Saturday, June 30, 2012


So, I've been MIA, as usual.

That's because I've writing, and it's been amazing. So fun. Christine and I are turning in first draft manuscripts on the 10th, and I've been sprucing up my New York City story. To get a feel for what the city was like at the turn on the 20th century, I've been reading books about young working-class women's amusements, a biography of Oscar Hammerstein, the muckracking classic The Bitter Cry of the Children, a book on te Triangle Shirtwaist fire, and period documents, such as a 1911 sociological study on African-American employment. I'm really interested in the visuals of the time and place, and photographs only tell you so much. It feels like I'm piecing this world together like a puzzle, one small piece at a time. And, yes, I'm a harried wreck, trying to get this done while also starting work teaching ESL. In other words: busy busy busy.

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