Saturday, July 20, 2013

HARD TIMES BLUES book launch July 24th!

This week, I read two more chapters of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and released my second book. Mourning the loss of Brooklyn's unique culture to gentrification, celebrating my book with a party. It's at Pegasus on Shattuck, and here are the specs:

Elwin Cotman, along with guest readers Terra Brigando and Miquela Alejandrewill be celebrating the launch of his second story collection, Hard Time Blues (Six Gallery Press, $12.00). Cotman's Blues is another trip through the dreamlands. These five lyrical and satirical fables look at the lives of the dispossessed through a fabulist lens. 
Pegasus Books Downtown
2349 Shattuck Avenue
United States

Yes! Come party with me! There will be wine! And maybe some cake? I'm working on it. It's done, and now is time to rejoice!

I thought long and hard about who I'd like to read with me, out of the many Bay area writers whom I admire. Miquila Alejandre and Terra Brigando are two of the most powerful young artists in the literary scene. Miquila's work is both fun and heartbreaking, and she reads with the confidence of one who knows her characters and story inside-out. I saw a video of her work on the Litseen youtube channel and became an instant fan. Terra was in my MFA class at Mills. Her writing leans more toward the heartbreaking side of things, and is so sophisticated that, of course, it makes me insanely jealous.

Here is some footage of Terra reading.

Here is some footage of Miquila:

Both of these women are the real deal. I can't wait to see them read.

In less fun news, next week I will have to pick up my books from the Oakland UPS, whose office way out by the airport, and whose professionalism...leaves something to be desired. The last time I had books shipped to Oakland, their driver managed to twice not deliver my package, despite my being at home. Ring a doorbell, maybe? Or the time they told me to drive out to pick the books up, only to reveal they'd put them on the truck. Like many an Oaklander, I endure this UPS franchise. Time to see what new adventures they lead me on.

But enough of that. Celebration!

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