Thursday, February 17, 2011

My ConDor schedule

I'm doing a con in San Diego next week. ConDor has a heavy focus on the science part of science fiction, which is what I like. Here's the schedule:

Friday-3 PM
A Blender Full of Tropes:  Media for a self referential, mashup generation - Samantha Henderson, Elwin Cotman, Chris Farnsworth, Allison Lonsdale, Cody Goodfellow

5 PM
From Elfland to Poughkeepsie:  Fantasy should sound like fantasy - Elwin Cotman, Scott Norton, Eric Shanower, Lynn Maudlin, Michael Underwood

Saturday-11 AM

Sunday-12 PM

3 PM
The City As A High Fantasy Location - Sherwood Smith, Sheila Finch, Dave Duncan, Scott Norton, Elwin Cotman

A nice note to end on. The organizers of ConDor are cool, considerate people, too. I don't know much about science, but I have a lot to say about the topics I'm doing panels on. And remember: FANTASY SHOULD SOUND LIKE FANTASY!

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