Monday, September 19, 2011

Chapter 61: In Which I Discuss A Reading in Buffalo

One day I'm going to find out how Google ranks what comes up on its search requests. Right now I'm simply too lazy to google the answer.

I google myself evey once in a while. Vanity is naturally the reason. Googling has become annoying since my laptop picked up a virus that keeps redirecting me to spam sites. "Congratulations! You've won..." Shut the fuck up. It's interesting and validating to see that record of what I've accomplished. It's also interesting to see the strange places my name turns up (AAEA Hollywood, I'm looking at you). And there are nice surprises, such as the fact that the JDS Amazon page is no longer a giant block of text. We'll see how long that lasts. The top-ranked site is this blog, which makes me do a happy dance.

A site that has has without fail, consistently, for over a year been in the top five is the reading Dan and I did at Talking Leaves Books in Buffalo. A reading that the owner warned us would be sparsely attended, and it was. Four people came. Two of them were journalism students at the college who were required to review a reading, and left right after Dan, presumably to write about how dirty his clothes were in detail. Then there was a friend of Dan's. Then there was an enthusiastic young lady who told us we inspired her, and thank goodness for people like her. I'm an emerging artist and don't expect large crowds. Just one person, one in the audience with enthusiasm for the written word makes it all worthwhile.

Was Talking Leaves a good reading? Sure. I think we were up to the task. Afterward we stayed with Dan's friend, had dinner, drank 40s, and watched Steamboy and Legend back to back. A viewing of Steamboy will make any evening just right.It's like Akira with all the brain cells taken away.  If you have trouble sleeping, Legend with its ultra-soothing Tangerine Dream soundtrack will do the trick.

Today I google myself (sounds so dirty) and find that the Buffalo reading is number two in the search. Seriously, how are these ranked? Is there just posthumous interest in the lost Elvenslaughter reading? Or does the store pay to bump up their site like BP pays to bump up sites about their lackluster cleanup efforts in the gulf?

Much love to Talking Leaves, by the way. Friendliest people and so accomodating. The next stop (Cleveland) was our only real bullshit stop where I could tell they put no effort into it. Seriously, people, promote your readings. At least let the employees know there's going to be one. If an audience shows up, they buy things and you make money. Or don't promote. Get swallowed by Barnes & Noble for all I care. Argh.

I've been reminiscing a lot about my first tour. Time for another "Music of the Elvenslaughter," methinks.

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  1. And there are nice surprises, such as the fact that the JDS Amazon page is no longer a giant block of text.

    You're welcome. You have no idea what a royal pain in the neck this was to fix. Call you tomorrow.