Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quick update

So Christine and I made our Kickstarter!!!! Thanks to everybody that contributed. We have a nice chunk of change to work with next year. I've also bee nlooking into travel grants for next years tour. It would be nice to ease the gas burden a bit.

Next up on the agenda: making good on our incentives. And I will. Everybody will get what they were promised on the Kickstarter. I've been busy as of late. Three grad classes and a TAship that by itself takes up 12 hours a week. The main challenge in following on incentives will be editing the audiobook tracks to send to people. Audacity, here I come. Did I mention I just did some studio time for the audiobook? Yeah. Chapters 3 and 4 of "Assistant." It's all coming together.

I am very much about revising as I go along. I've learned this working on Motley & Plume the last few months. I'll do 5 pages, just freewriting and inserting ramdom bits. Then I'll go over those same five pages again. And again. And send them out for critique. The first 130 pages have been laid out for a while, and I'm about to give them another once over.

I've never been much for outlines, so I'm discovering this story and these characters as I write it. The process is magical. I won't lie. I've got a good 400 pages of material. About a third of it is loose notes, and it's all way more than I'm going to use. The goal is to cut it down to 300. In other words, the real challenge will be once all is on the page.

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